YouTube API Key

Below the steps: 1- get Package Name: String packageName = context.getPackageName(); 2- get SHA-1: 5. However, you can solve this problem by getting a personal API key for YouTube from Google and configure the Kodi add-on to use this key. The reason for doing this is to eliminate any YouTube over quota limit messages you may get in Kodi and also allow access to your subscriptions etc. Verify that the YouTube API key is between the quotation marks. Save and close the file. How to upload Product Videos in Magento 2 - Youtube API Key To help your products be more attractive and lively, Magento 2 allows uploading individual video for any product you need.

Having a personal key means that you have your quota for YouTube without any relation to other users who use this add-on. API keys are a simple encrypted string that can be used when calling certain APIs that don't need to access private user data.

If that line does not exist in this file, create it. THEN, select YouTube data API; Click create credentials on the right hand side of the screen. In Google API dashboard, click "Credentials" on the left menu, then click the button Create credentials, select API key from the drop down list. The YouTube Application Programming Interface (YouTube API) allows developers to access video statistics and YouTube channels data via two types of calls, REST and XML-RPC.Google describe the YouTube API Resources as "APIs and Tools that let you bring the YouTube experience to your webpage, application or device." 6. PHP 7.0 or higher; Laravel 5.1 or higher; API key from Google Console; Looking for Youtube Package for either of these: PHP 5, Laravel 5.0, Laravel 4? To work with API, you need to get an authorized key first.

- nitishk72/youtube_api Google Cloud Platform lets you build, deploy, and scale applications, websites, and services on the same infrastructure as Google. This Plugin will help you in fetching data from Youtube. Obtain your API Key. API keys are useful in clients such as browser and mobile applications that don't have a backend server. You just need YOUTUBE API KEY. Open the cms.auth.json file and make the same change. It’s for obtaining an authorized key to be connected with API.

Laravel PHP Facade/Wrapper for the Youtube Data API v3 ( Non-OAuth ) Requirements. "YOUTUBE_API_KEY": "PUT_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE", Replace PUT_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE with your YouTube API key. Choose where you will call the API from; Pick public or User.
BUT HAVE A BIT OF PATIENCE AND YOU'LL GET THROUGH IT ----- Below is a guide for creating your own Youtube API Key with ID and Secret. Watching Magento product video will bring a truly overview of your product to customers before purchasing. After creating API_KEY in Google Developer Console and restrict it with "Package name" and "SHA-1 certificate fingerprint", You have to provide these data in every youtube api request. This means that you won’t be able to watch videos on YouTube which is quite frustrating.